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The Art of Christopher Wool


Because my Spring Break is not filled with poolside Piña Coladas or drunk topless high schoolers doing something strange for a few extra shots of tequila, my Spring Break has been spent doing old people stuff…like reading, writing, freelancing, and sleeping. At 23, I have become quite a bore, and for that, I sincerely apologize. [...]



Wierd Art – Scotch Tape Sculptures


I don’t believe in falling off the face of the Earth just because it’s national weed smoking day. Instead, I’ll provide all my partakers and dabblers with a little eye candy that might intrigue. As some of you might know, I have a penchant for artists who create three dimensional worlds out of very obscure [...]



David Lyle Oil Paintings


You know those types of people that watch movies and point out when there’s an artifact from the present making its debut decades too early? A Rolex on a gladiator, a TV guide before television was invented? Well, none of those “mistakes” are put in place on purpose, but I kind of wish they were, [...]



A Peek Inside Nathan Sawaya’s Lego Heaven


I’m working on a little something something with Lego-accessory phenoms turned collabo-extraordinaires Dee and Ricky. As many of you (should) know, the duo has been turning out one dope collabo after another while maintaining their own brand and accessories. This morning, I woke up all groggy-eyed to a phone call from Ricky telling me to [...]



Nike & MoMA Endorse KATSU Telephone Booth Graffiti


Graffiti and street artists have been taking on telephone booths and bus stops where major-label ads are placed across the Big City for years now, so the concept itself is nothing new. However, KATSU has recently followed suit…with the permission of the companies over which he sprawls his signature. In a move that further confuses [...]



Art Crushin’ on Axel Morin

Freelance art director, illustrator and graphic artist Axel Morin is based out of Paris. After browsing his portfolio, I wish I could get him on board for some logo design and/or typeface work, but as co-founder of Monsieur Jean-Louis collective, a Digital Creative Studio, and other endeavors, I know the guy must cost a fortune [...]



MIXTAPE – DopeAmbiton Presents: A Musical Goldmine

DOWNLOAD: HERE   21 hand-picked tracks that are a soulful solution to clear your head of mind pollution; Including music from Toro Y Moi, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and Guru. If you were vibing to the last mixtape, you’ll definitely like this one. Get these soundwaves in your system immediately for a little taste [...]



Art & Dope Flicks: Graffiti Blew Up, Then I Threw Up

I was walking around and discovered an alley filled with wall-to-wall pieces, tags, spray paint cans, and Swisher Sweets wrappers. Some graffiti artists went ham, to say the least. xx, chandler Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Bookmark in [...]



Graffiti Goes Viral with Google Art Project & Red Bull…One Tag at a Time)

Sure, graff heads have been browsing flickr streams, personal blogs and tumblr to see the latest in street art and graffiti, but now, graffiti gets the “legit” stamp with a new place in the mostly high brow depths of Google Art Project, which has critics and columnists scrambling to navigate Google’s latest innovation. Red Bull’s [...]



Dope Ambition Exclusive: Interview with director Greg Jacobs on his new film, LOUDER THAN A BOMB

Slam poetry is often dismissed right off the bat in today’s world as a pastime for the beatniks and the unconventional, but that could not be a less accurate description. There are no tabloids or reality shows showcasing famous spoken word poets. Slam poetry has remained a consistent art form since its start, and has [...]




Skateboard P recently attended ASCAP’s “I Create Music” expo in L.A., where he spoke on the decline of record labels and their effects on artists’ creative freedom. If you watch the video, you can get a better idea of where his head is at in terms of artists making, putting out and selling their own [...]